About Us

We are a company that specialize in making little spaces of heaven around the trees in your gardens at affordable prices.

We are a combination of highly skilled individuals, possessing vast experience of more than 20 years in the building industry.

The individuals comprise of Architects, Interior designers, skilled carpenters, wood workers and Steel structure specialists.

The skill sets of all these individuals are combined, to provide our customers with heavenly spaces in theform of tree houses using the newest designs and modern technology.

We have utilized the knowledge acquired in the industry of construction, to construct your tree house that lasts for decades. This ensures minimal maintenance requirements and repairs over a period. (as oppose to a generic tree house that requires a total makeover within a couple of years)

Our designs ensure the spaces we create blends in with the surrounding environment. Our aim is to ensure people in Sri Lanka gets closer to greener concepts for leisure whilst enjoying the beauties bestowed upon us by mother nature. We provide a 5-year full comprehensive warrantee to the structure and partial warrantee there on.

We trust these spaces of heaven would help our customers be peaceful resulting in creativeness and mindfulness and happy family lives.